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User Comments:
1. | Dec 21, 2013
Jesse,Great post! That's what I love about fitness and bdoywork, both work together to increase the integrity of the body. Finding and improving upon our weaknesses is a lot of fun if given the opportunity to fix them, then we really see growth and that's encouraging. While I haven't been in the fitness realm personally for the last 10 years, I still work out regularly to do the type of bdoywork I enjoy doing. I always get more out of my workouts when I work on the muscle groups that I'd really not, then the ones that I do. Rock on!Marcia- don't worry about those that only wanted to work on their strengths, when they recover from their injury, they may return to your studio with a fresher outlook on things.
2. | Dec 18, 2013
Thanks Jesse. You know, I have been taking a few sosniess with a personal trainer due to never making the time to look after myself as I should and last week the guy was away and I had 2 replacements, one worked me so hard that I have in pain since (and I have not been for a long, long time). I have been trying to continue retrain and correct dysfunction through my Pilates practice and my maintenance series, so I can stay injury free and I find that most personal trainers they just focus on the intense and forget all about the weak links ( I wish I was training with you . Just today I made a decision I will probably just continue doing cardio and work on my own pace on my weaknesses until I feel balanced enough to push myself out of my comfort zone safely.I appreciate your insightful post and will remind myself I am looking for a balanced workout, rather than a very intense one until I overcome my issues.
3. | Dec 17, 2013
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