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10. | Sep 6, 2012
Sara,,, I would like to be able to attend tongiht but have other obligations Are you able to update for our next Board meeting individual boats in the dry storage area that are out of compliance for more than a year??? What action is your committee taking to get them off the SSS property or sold???
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12. | Aug 1, 2012
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13. | Jul 31, 2012
fuck thesis, he's too good for his age, which is my age also so it makes me jealuos. Ruen and Kid David both ran that shit. And I've never heard of Kleju before this video, but i'm not about to forget him anytime soon, he was incredible
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15. | Jun 2, 2012
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16. | Jun 2, 2012
I love how Karl's crazy fantasies alywas start with a grain of truth. I remember watching a programme a few years ago on Animal Planet or NatGeo where the US navy were actually training dolphins to be suicide bombers. The dolphins had a large red button on their nose and when they pressed the button against the submarine they got a reward..but in real life the button would be a detonator blowing up the dolphin and the sub. The US Navy say that have since abandoned the programme